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Linked Connections

Linked Connections, to me the name means that we can connect with people who are connected to others that may help us build our own connections to others....whew, I know, a lot of connections!

And, it really is like that commercial from a number of years back...I'll tell two friends who will tell two friends, who will tell two friends and so on and so on!

That is how you really build a network of people, people who can become a customer, mentor, coach, adviser and sometimes a friend!

When all is said and done, we all want to connect with people. It is just that sometimes we don't seem to have time because as a business owner we are everything all in one and as such, we are overwhelmed. Or, we think we don't need more connections but, there may be that one person that can make a difference to you and your business.

So, think about this, wouldn't be great if you knew some people that have been there and have lessons that can be shared about what you may be facing? Someone that can give you advice about your marketing efforts, help you create a business plan, help you with HR issues with your employees or help you see alternatives in terms of how you deal with a situation.

As part of a network you can gain many valuable perspectives on anything you are facing and that will help you choose what you want to do.

Don't overlook the impact that connecting to others makes on you and your business, don't miss the opportunity to connect!

Check The Heddeka Group Facebook page for the next date of Linked Connections!


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