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Heddeka was created on the belief that everyone was born to have an impact, but, first they need to know what that is so they can choose, intentionally, what they want that impact to be. 

When you create an impact that encourages collaboration you, your family and the organization you work for is successful. 

All the training and development, whether that is professional or personal development workshops on the "soft skills" have been created to help you become more aware of your impact.  

After a long and successful corporate career I wanted to I wanted to share what I learned over the past 40 years (yikes, that is a long time!). 


I wanted to give individuals an opportunity to understand how their words and actions affect others at home and in the workplace.  I want people to know that they are meant to be brilliant, if only they would get out of their own way.


theheddekagroup_finallogo larger_edited.

A few words about the logo - 

According to Brenda Schnose, the spirit of water was anciently referred to as “Heddeka,” and represented by the triple spiral.


As a whole, the three swirls together represent Heddeka. When you look at them together but separate, one circle represents You as creator, one circle represents the beloved Earth and one circle represents the Central Sun of all universes.


This symbol comes from the time of Atlantis. The water element Heddeka has been upon this earth from the time of the first humans. Through this symbol, the water will increase in vibration. So it is helpful and beneficial for humans, animals, plants, and the earth itself. 


By coming together with this water element you can help clean the water of our beloved earth. Heddeka is here to be of service to you in these changing times. This element has been forgotten through time but is now returning through the bearers of light.

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