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These workshops were designed to focus on core interpersonal skills that help improve the quality of your relationships both at work and at home.  They are meant for both Leaders and individuals who want to learn skills to increase your own self awareness and the impact you want to have. 

Our workshops can be delivered in both half-day or lunch and learn formats.  They can be customized to the different needs of your business, and the different needs of each employee.

Contact me for an initial consultation to customize a development plan for your business.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • What is feedback

  • Feedback formula

  • How to receive feedback

  • Feedforward

Dealing with Change

  • What Change is all about

  • The Change Curve

  • A few words about Resistance

Conflict Management

  • Absence of Trust

  • Fear of Conflict

  • Lack of Commitment

  • Avoidance of Accountability

  • Inattention to Results

Communication Basics

  • The Power of Dialogue

  • Your Path to Action

  • Active Listening

  • Writing Essentials

How to Influence others

  • What is Influence

  • Building Rapport

  • Mirroring

  • Words

Presentation Skills

  • Understand the elements of an effective presentation

  • Define the characteristics of your audience

  • Gain awareness of your impact on the delivery of the presentation

  • Understand the use of media

  • Practice your presentation

Running effective meetings

  • Meeting is a process

  • Roles that make meetings effective

  • Ground Rules

  • Agenda

  • Evaluation

Developing a high performing team

  • Characteristics for a High Performing Team

  • Stages of Team Development

  • Establishing Team Norms / Ground Rules

  • Team Communication

  • Feedback

Step into your Power

  • What’s your Impact - The Life Boat

  • Feedback

  • Assumptions

  • I AM assessment

  • Introduction to the Enneagram

Role of the Leader

  • Leadership Styles - different leadership styles for different situations

  • How to give feedback and how to receive it

  • Managing Conflict

  • How to delegate for development

Coaching for Performance

  • The definition of Coaching

  • Engaging in the conversation

  • Listening

  • The Power of Questions

  • The GROW model

  • And lots of practice

Leading Change

  • What Change is all about

  • Planning and leading a Change meeting

  • A few words about Resistance

  • Change Leadership

Thinking Strategically

  • Vision, Mission and Values

  • Competitive analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Objectives

  • Tactics to achieve Objectives

  •  Action Plans

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