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Let it be...

I just found this saying....Let it be, of course I had heard it before, but not in the way that it was meant this time. I have struggled with "Let it go" because I found that sometimes I can't let it go! But, Let it be, now that I could probably do.

Let it be, to me, means two things.

1. You can't control anything or anyone else.

2. Others are going to do what they need to do to make themselves happy.

So, from these two ideas, the first one, we all know, that the only thing that you can control is you and your reaction or response. That is where breathing comes in handy.

When you breathe and focus on the breath, feeling it start with the inhale with the air going down into your belly, then feeling the air going out through your nose, you really can't think about anything else. Breathing and slowing down the stuff that is going on in your head helps you to stand back a little so you could perhaps see a different perspective.

The second one means that other people have a right to do what they feel are in their own self interest and that doesn't include you or what you think. So, that is where "let it be" comes in. You have to let it be, having no expectations you have in your head about the person or situation.

A friend (Sharon) taught me about letting go of expectations a while ago and I have to say, it sets you free of disappointment because a lot of those expectations have never been communicated, you know the saying, if you knew me you would know what I want and need. This right here, is the basis for many a disagreement, argument, misunderstanding and hurt. Learn to let it be!

I am learning, everyday to let it be!


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