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What energy to project?

Your energy impacts people before you say or do anything. It is most definitely a big part of your legacy, it is about how you make people feel along with your words and your actions.

I know you have encountered this, you meet someone and your first impression is either positive or there is a feeling of something not just quite right. I know I have! The experts say that it takes anywhere from 7-60 seconds to make a first impression, not a long time, and for the most part you haven't said anything!

Many times we are not aware of the vibes we put out there. What about you, do you pay attention to the energetic vibes you put out there?

One of the first things you can do, is to find out the energy you project, even before you do or say anything. How?

Notice how people are reacting to you. Look at their body language and then ask yourself, what am I projecting? What am I doing to make people react to me the way they do? And, then reflect on what you want your impact to be.

One of the exercises that has helped me, is to think about my stake, impact and outcome, or what interest do I have or what share do I have in this situation, how do I want to make people feel (impact) and what do I to happen (outcome). If I have this in my mind before I engage, I have found that it keeps me centered and on task to what is needed in the moment.

Another tip is to breathe! We hold our breath so much during the day, it is key to catch yourself not breathing and to take a breathe, a deep one or two (or three) from you gut!

One of the components for Emotional Intelligence is Self Awareness, knowing yourself, your emotions, why you do what you do or say and this doesn't just apply to the workplace, it also applies to all of our relationships! So, the first step is to become aware of how you are impacting others and the situation and if you want a different outcome, choose how you want to impact others!

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