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Girls nite out!

I sat with some amazing women last night. I have always known that when women come together, the conversation(s) inspire you and the learning never stops.

We have so much to give to each other from helping out with situations your are dealing with at work or at home, to helping you clarify what you really

want or, to getting to know each other and more importantly, just to listen!

It also reinforced for me, that we all deal with the same issues and sometimes our foundation didn't really give us ways of dealing with or coping with these issues. But, having a system of support in place helps you to learn new ways of thinking and gives different perspectives so that you can choose what will help you.

I have posted before on women coming together and how powerful it can be. From just hanging out, especially after a rough week, to helping to address a problem and define a solution or to put in a strategy to build a company, community or family, there is a feeling that "we can tackle" anything.

I thank my ladies that showed up for me last night and I look forward to "hanging out" again!


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