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How do you make people feel?

Do you know?

If you want to be successful, change the way you make people feel.

How many times have you had an experience that leaves you feeling mad, sad, bad? And, how many times have you gone back to the company or person where the experience was not great....none, I bet.

It is no different with relationships.....everyone wants to feel good after having a conversation with you. When there isn't goodness, the relationship struggles or ends.

Ask yourself these questions, especially if the conversation has not turned out the way you intended:

  • Do you really listen to what the other person is saying or to what is underneath what they are saying? In other words do you listen to understand?

  • Do you genuinely care about the experience the other person is having?

  • Do you ask about how the other person is feeling or what they are thinking?

  • How does your company culture or value system provide a great customer experience? For your external customers and also, maybe, more importantly for you internal customers?

If your internal customers don't have a great experience, then your external customers are not going to have an outstanding experience.

As a leader, how do you provide a great customer experience? Both for your external customers and for your employees...they are after all your internal customers?

There is lots to think about....and it all boils down to how you made them feel?

Contact me if you want to find out how to make your internal customer service excellent.


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