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Learning-what way to you like to learn?

I was coming to the end of an online course the other day and the ending talked about how learning has changed.

In my opinion, learning has not changed, the delivery of learning has changed. It has moved from the "sit at a desk or in a lecture hall" to a platform that goes with you everywhere, is accessed from anywhere in the world at any time, to asking questions via typing and being supported by an online group.

It feels to me that we are missing something. I like the ability to interact with people in real time, in person, not through a keyboard or a camera. Don't get me wrong, online learning is great for a fast pace world, and to get learning on the go.

One question though....when do you get to really apply what you just learned?

I have opted to provide a learning experience in person, in a brick and mortar place. I want people to interact with each other, to give feedback to each other in the moment so that you can learn the skills and "try it on" to see how it fits or how you can adjust it to fit you. I do believe that the so called "soft skills" need to be interactive, looking you in the eye, face to face.

For fast paced learning try a lunch and learn, a hour or hour and half to learn new information that you try it. Attend a series of lunch and learns and you get the same skills taught in longer sessions, just spread out over a certain period.

You can build rapport with others, learn new information and maybe, just maybe experience a change in your perspective!

Check out some of the events I have posted on The Heddeka Group Facebook page.


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